About Us

About Us

House moving never a pleasant experience. Moving to a new place is something you might be waiting for but moving your stuff is something stressful. 

How many giant companies you have contacted? Did you have available appointments? Can you do it when you want?

For past years I moved to several houses. The service given was in rush hence the furniture belongings are sometimes being damaged. The belongings are just material stuff for others but for you these may be sentimental hence should handle with care.  

This is what being missing form most service providers. We have faced the same issues. We have seen a gap in the service which is missing when companies expand. 

To fill this gap, we came up with the idea UKS logistics Pvt Ltd to handle what you want, when you want it to where you want it and handle with care. Our aim is your satisfaction, our aim is to care your furniture because we know it may be sentimental to you. 

This is our core value. Not just load and unload the stuff to the destination but to care for it do it buy our heart.